Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Inari relaxes in Keons arms, enjoying the closeness and his warmth. When the second song ended and the third began, they still clung together, Keon's arousal apparent. Inari's breath was quicker and she felt flushed. Her eyes betray her desire and she lowers them, taking a deep breath, trying to control the need she was feeling.

Keon lowered his head, lightly kissing a ear. She was so much smaller than Cassie and yet he could feel the strength of her, muscles hard from hours of training, but still feminine, and so desirable... He stifles a groan as she presses closer...

“Yer beautiful....the court dress suits ye...”

Inari smiles at the compliment, “Thank you. But it is very impractical for my ...other duties...”

Keon nods, “I understand.” His thumb slowly strokes her jaw, “There is a widows walk here, it would offer some privacy... and quiet... we could talk...”

“I have a room here too, but some fresh air would be welcome. And a glass of wine...” Parting reluctantly the couple moves towards the bar to ask Monty for drinks.

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