Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The morning of the naming ceremony everyone in Exton it seemed was awake early. Pandora and Monty were busy supervising the cooking and decorating while Chloe watched all the goings on from her highchair.  Absinthe was posed on the back and Chloe was watching the demifae flit around and eating her breakfast which she was sharing with the little dragon.

Alise was putting the finishing touches on the gown she had made for Ruarc. It was a deep shade of blue with brown, gold, green and ecru embroidery. Alise had designed the patterns with Rainas help, the Runes around the bottom and up the center of the front entwined with leaves and vines and just a few flowers so it didnt look too feminine. She had also added a few stars and crescent moons into the pattern. Star had left the design up to Alise and had just asked that it not be white. Alise was planning on taking her the outfit and helping Star to get the children and herself ready.

At the old speakeasy Nick was resting for the day, and Gareth was making lunch. Raina was sorting through her clothes trying to decide what to wear. She had several traditional outfits but couldnt make up her mind about what color she felt like wearing. Ky enters and watches from the doorway as Raina starts tossing things out to land on the bed.

“Nothing you like?” Ky smiles at the muffled response from the depths of the walk-in closet.

Raina finally emerges with something in pale turquoise draped over her arm. “I cant make up my mind, but I found the perfect dress for you to wear...”

“I have to wear a dress? Isnt my warrior gear traditional enough?”

Raina grins at the panic in Ky's voice, “No, no warrior stuff for the women. Not today. You can add your darts , just in case for safety reasons..”

“I'll look like a dork..”

“What? You could never look like a dork. Erik is planning one hell of a party. You should go all out, doll yourself up, wear your hair down...” Raina cant stifle her laugh at the horrified look on Ky's face. “Whats wrong? Youre gorgeous, and you cant tell me you have never worn a dress before...”

“I never wore dresses. My mother tried to make me wear one once. Drai and my brothers teased me until I punched him in the face and took the dress off. Going naked was easier...”

Raina laughed out loud, “Well, then maybe its time. Isnt Inari going to be in full court dress?”

Nodding slowly, Ky agrees. “I imagine so, since Titania will be there.” Ky sighs. “All right, just dont make me look like an idiot, and no high heels. I dont know how you people walk around in those things..”

“All right, no heels. I bet Nick will be surprised to see you all dressed up. That might be kinda fun...” Raina winks at Ky who smiles at first and then her expression turns more serious.

“Raina, I dont think he likes me.”

Rainas eyes go wide, then at the sadness in Ky's eyes she puts her arms around her. “What makes you think that? I know he cares for you, he has told me as much himself. I know he's attracted. You should see the way he looks at you when you arent watching...”

Ky shakes her head. “But that night when you stayed with Star and me and Gareth and Nick were home alone? He didnt even try anything, I mean..I invited him upstairs with me and Gareth to watch...and thats all he did. Well, besides taking care of himself, that made me even hotter..” Ky smiles at the memory. “I thought for sure he would join us.... What the hell does he need? An engraved invitation?”

Raina makes a mental note to kick Nick a good one next time she sees him. Why are these two dancing around each other like this?

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