Monday, February 28, 2011

We stop for a rest and I slip from Ranger's back, then help Inari from her horse. One hand glides from her waist up her back; she shivers and turns to look at me.

"I didn't really need the help - but thank you."

We lead the horses for a while, not speaking... her hand clasped in mine, and I wonder if this - all of this - is a dream. Her eyes are downcast, impossible to read, but there's an almost shy smile on her face.

Suddenly I turn and drop to one knee before her, still holding her hand. My heart is pounding so hard it hurts. "Milady Inari," I say, pressing my lips to her palm, "I - I scarcely know how to ask. You have a reputation that can be intimidating, especially to a common soldier, and a mercenary at that."

"Torin," she says, smiling. "Don't you know by now that rank means nothing to me? As far as I am concerned, you are Torin, I am Inari, and everything else is meaningless. Now stand up, for gods' sake, you look ridiculous."

I rise slowly and the back of one hand lightly caresses her neck and face.

She sucks in her breath sharply. "Gods, Torin…." She grabs my hand and I notice she's shaking, just slightly….

"Inari…" My voice sounds rough and hoarse in my ears. I can say no more, but I lean in and brush my lips against hers. She moans and her hand cups the back of my neck, holding me close. The kiss deepens, firms; her mouth is fierce and hot on mine and she grips my hand tightly. "More." The word is a groan and a demand. Our tongues duel, tasting one another, hunger rising, hands now caressing, bodies pressing tight, grinding into each other. Unmindful of the openness of our surroundings, we touch and kiss and bite, caresses becoming hotter, more intimate, till we're shaking with need.

"Here, Torin," she moans. "Right here, right now. I want you inside me."

That's all it takes. Clothing is tugged aside, discarded, skin finding skin, hot and pulsing. Her hands grips me, squeezes hard, wringing a gasp from me. I suck a hardened nipple, nipping fiercely, one hand moving between her legs, two fingers thrusting deep, feeling the heat and wetness of her. There's no need for foreplay, not now, there is only this primal need that threatens to consume us both. Inari lies back on the springy grass, feet planted firmly on the ground, knees spread wide.

"Gods, Torin, take me - take me!"

I go to my knees, grasp her hips and thrust deep. Gods…! She's so hot, so tight! The last barrier falls - no longer soldier and ambassador, merely man and woman and this sublime, intoxicating madness….

We pound into each other, taking what we want, hard and animalistic. Dimly I can understand - now - that this isn't all me, that she needs this too, this passion, this release… and then I cease to think, merely acting, slamming deep, moaning and gasping, sweating and groaning, writhing and screaming until the orgasm roars through us, making us shake and jerk and cum, over and over and over, bodies entangled… gods! like a hot wind….

We lie there for several moments, catching our breath, content in each others' arms…. Rationality slowly returns and we realize that we're naked in the middle of the Unformed Plane, one of the most dangerous places in a dozen worlds or more, and we get dressed, keeping a wary eye on our surroundings.

Dressed and armed again, Inari arches an eyebrow at me and smiles. "I think we need to find a more private place next time - but I'm not sorry." Her hand reaches to cup my neck and she kisses me hard. "And we'd better find a place soon…."

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