Monday, February 28, 2011

The band of Shifters is playing the last song of the night, a slow song that closes their show. The dance floor barely has room to move. There is an air of celebration, the feeling that a great weight has been lifted. It isn't just her own feelings, but the essence of the magic around her as well. It's almost as if people know that Morgan is dead.

Tori is in the room they have been using as an office, typing up a note to Mortuis about the change in the energy and the fact that two of Morgan's creeps were put down in the back alley earlier in the evening. A Hell Hound had walked out of the corner shadow and nudged Torrent. The Brownie put a hand on its head, looked in its eyes, then rose and walked out with the creature, Guunnar and Twillon on his heels.

Ike had gone over to take plates, but Twillon's demifae friend had stopped her from clearing the table, saying they would be back to finish. She had refreshed their beers, and talked to Monty about the fae's request for a sliver of raw steak. He had merely nodded and cut it from a fresh steak, taking it to her himself.

The men returned in about twenty minutes, asking Tori to join them. She had sat with them for a few minutes, and then motioned for Patti, Monty and Ike to follow her to the office. When Tori told them about the two Fae, she asked them to keep it under wraps. Ike knew none of them had betrayed the confidence. The two had claimed they were coming for a reckoning. Well, they reckoned wrong.

Ike listens as Twillon talks to Monty about a new diet for his friend Weebit. It looks like she needs proteins, not just from fruits and nuts, but from meat as well. Something about the grafts and her lack of proper nourishment when she was captive on the Unformed Plane.

Suddenly the lights come up and people start gathering their things to go. Twillon cradles his friend, mounting the stairs deep in conversation with Torrent. Guunnar heads out the door with a group of young women. She doesn't miss the look he throws to the office door. Ike smiles and begins helping Patti and the two waitresses clean tables as Monty starts washing glasses.

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