Sunday, February 27, 2011

Two vials of blood. Fea had handed them to him as the Merkind took Cassie's body to the depths. Keon breaks the seal on one, coating his finger with the dark blue fluid. He slides the blood along the edge of his shortsword, watching it glisten in the sunlight. His Moon, his heart. Morgan will die with Cassie's blood burning in hers.

Morgan stumbles toward him, bloody and beaten by the hands and weapons of the others she has wronged. She recognizes him and shrieks, attacking, nails clawing for his eyes. He never moves, watching her from the cold void where he waits. She falters for a moment, but agony drives her as much as hatred and she launches towards him. His blade flashes, opening a gash across her waistline. She stops,looking down as blood drips from the wound.

"That is for my Mera, whose mother you took, and for every other child you stole from their parents."

She makes a sound, half snarl, half laugh. She raises a hand and takes another step towards the Dark Lord. Keon steps closer, driving his blade deep until he feels her body stop the hilt. He wraps an arm around her, ignoring her nails as they rake at his back and shoulders. His hand twists and he jerks the sword upwards. She gasps and he whispers in her ear.

"And this... this is for me... For taking the Moon from my Night Sky... For taking my Heart's blood, I give you a taste of my lover's."

Morgan stares at him then shudders as the bloods mingle. Her eyes glaze as her own blood begins to burn acid harsh in her veins. Keon steps back slowly, pulling the blade from her. He shoves her away and moves aside.

"Sir Gareth... She is yours."

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