Monday, February 28, 2011

Keon isn't sure what woke him. The night was clear and still, the only sound the waves lapping on the shore. Ron was sleeping, his breathing even and quiet. Keon shivers, the night suddenly seems cold.

His eyes move to the edge of the dock. A blue mist is slowly swirling and seems to be beckoning. He sits up and watches for a moment, then stands and moves towards the blue haze. At times it seems to be taking form then dissolves again, ever swirling and moving. He approaches slowly, not daring to hope, but barely breathing, anticipation making his heart beat faster.

When he stops close to the mist Cassie steps out of it. Her smile is wondrous, and Keon breathes in her scent, Cassandra....

“Ke, my love, how are you? Sleeping with shifters now?” She asks teasingly, looking past him to Ron curled up in his blankets.

“Goddess lass, I miss ye so much. I hae nae a moon in my night now...”

“I miss you too and you have Mera, who will be beautiful as the stars.”

Keon chokes at Mera's name, his heart filled with love for his little one. “Have ye seen her Cassie? Such a sweet lass she is. So much her ma, with a wee bit of me.”

“She is. You picked the best person to care for her. Star loves her as she would her own.” Cassie looks over her shoulder, “I have to go. I'll be with you always Ke. When you have need, beloved, call to me and I will come.....I love you Ke. Stay in Meras life, no matter what you decide. She will be a great joy to you...”

“Cassie, mela, *Is tú mo ghrá...” Keon closed his eyes and let the warm loving feelings from Cassie surround and caress him. He could smell the fresh water scent of her, hear her soft voice.

When he opened his eyes Cassie and the blue mist was gone.

"^Mo ghrá ... mo ghealach ... Tá mé caillte gan tú sa dorchadas."

Her voice is soft, barely heard. "There is a Star in the night, and her reflection is in the heart of our daughter. There are worse guardians than Star and Erik."

There is the slightest touch, faintest scent of fresh water. Keon bows his head and lets the tears fall.

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