Sunday, February 27, 2011

People were getting drunk. Keon sipped at his flask, wandering around after checking on the bitch's internment. With Morgan in hand, so many were thinking it was all over. Plans for departure were being made by some of the troops The locals seemed to know better. He had heard the Wyldfae and the Nighthawks planning on strikes to wipe out the survivors of Morgan's little war. Smart move... His eyes fall on Inari and K'thyri. He approaches soundlessly, waiting for a pause in their conversation.

He puts a hand on the bottle as it passes between the two women. "If I may?"

There is very little left. He raises it to his lips and kills off the remnants. he closes his eyes and rumbles in his chest. "Not half bad. Smooth as wild sex" Handing K'thyri his flask, he leans close and murmurs in her ear. "Enjoy... You'll love the kick."

She cocks her head and asks with a slight slur, "What is this?"

He strokes the point of one of her ears, watching the shudder that closes her eyes. Leaning close, he murmurs loud enough for the two women to hear. "Poteen, pretty lass. A Human Realm concoction. Get the flask back to me when yer done. It was a gift." He brushes a kiss along each woman's cheek and inhales deeply. "Ye both smell... intoxicating." He rises and bows elegantly before sauntering away.

Walking away, he shoves the empty bottle into a pocket of his cloak. He thinks of K'thyri's instant reaction to her ears being touched and wonders if it would be disrespectful of Cassie to take either of the two women to bed. Inari is a sensual creature as well, but a little more restrained. Among the Fae, sex is as much for another's comfort as it is for pure satisfaction and joy. He thinks of Cassie's sensual skin sliding against his own and groans as his body reacts.

It isn't long  before he recognizes the area as the one where Morgan is being held. He pauses by her enclosure and leers at her. She looks like hell. Gone was the slut who tried to entice him to steal Pandora's child. The Sidhe stares at him through the mat of her fiery hair. He grins at her, eyes dangerous as black ice.

"You look lonely Morgan. I gather you canna entice any of these gentlemen." His smile is cold, and downright mean. "I could send a Hound to pleasure you...."

Her mouth opens to reply, but one look at her guards and she says nothing. Her gaze is pure hatred and Keon blows her a kiss. He gives her a slow evil smile and changes form. Black fur and scales encompass his body, leaving him a large and lean muscled Hell Hound. He stretches out where she can see him, staring fixedly at her.

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