Sunday, February 27, 2011

One great paw covers the flask. Keon watches her walk away. The Wyldfae has a natural sway to her stride that few women can learn. Dmitri squats next to his friend and murrmurs.

"Did she offer what I think? If you prefer just a companion's comfort, I am here, Ke. If you need more..." His own gaze follows the woman. "Dekára... she is enough to make me go straight for a night."

He pats Keon on the shoulder and heads to his own tent, saluting the Rider who has just relieved his shift. Laying his head on his paws, Keon watches Morgan for a few more minutes. When she seems to have fallen asleep, the great scaled head tucks in and Keon gathers himself. A darkness slides over his form and he rises to man-height, letting the Hound slip back inside.

The flask shines brightly in his hand and Keon tucks it into a hidden pocket. One last glance at Morgan and he saunters into the camp. A sentry points out which path leads to the pond. Keon glides through the shadows until he sees the water. He stares, watching the moonlight caress the surface ripples.

An image of Cassie takes his breath. Her skin glistens as she shakes water from her hair. He closes his eyes, swallowing. A sword calloused hand rests against his jaw. He opens pain filled eyes, knowing it isn't Cassie's touch. K'thyri looks at the water, then at Keon. She nods and takes his hand, leading him to the banks. It is only then that he sees she is nude. His hands stroke over her skin, calloused palms grazing lightly. She slips the cloak from his shoulders, tugging at his shirt and pants. Boots soon follow cloak, as do the rest. He stands mutely, watching moonlight play on K'thyri's skin. She touches his tattoo, tracing it through the light covering of coarse hairs on his chest.

Her fingers touch the vials he wears. Nodding, she whispers to him. "Honor her, but do not forget you are a man. Water is a place of life. Don't let that bitch taint your joy of its caress." With that she takes his hand and leads him into the water.

K'thyri moves against him, letting the water swirl around their hips. His hands slide over her skin, playing with the myriad of scars adorning her skin. She shudders under his gentle caresses, her lips kissing over his heart. His lips slide along her ear, teeth tugging at the piercings to make her shudder. He lips a piercing near the tip and her knees buckle. Her head tips back and he watches the heat rise in her eyes.

"Take what you need. I will not say you no."

He stares at her. "And what if what I need is just to feel the warmth of another body?"

A small smile curls her lips. "Then so be it."

Keon presses against her, letting her feel the want, the need to know he was still alive. Her hand slips between them. Her palm scraping lightly over sensitive flesh. Keon shudders and she begins to trail a nail along his earrings. 

"I can not give you..." Her finger presses over his lips, stilling his words. Her smile is soft.

"This is not pity, Keon. This is one fae doing what needs to be done for another. I expect nothing but to help you weather this night. Hold the pain inside, hide the needs that make you alive, and you will break like an ill-forged weapon. Temper your pain with the passion of life, and you become stronger."

Keon searches her eyes. Sidhe do not lie, Wyldfae are not Sidhe, but he believes her. His lips find hers, nipping and tugging while he cups her head. His fingers tangle in the silky strands and he tugs her head back to explore her throat with his kisses. A soft moan escapes her as the soft flesh of her inner thigh moves along his leg. His other hand slides down her back, cupping her leg and pressing her closer. Trapped between them, his manhood rubs across her mound.

His lips nibble upwards to tug at her earlobe chains. The warmth of his breath caresses gently. "Wrap your arms around my neck K'thyri. I am going to lift you."

Her hands slide around his neck and she shifts upwards as he lifts. The head of his cock slides between her legs. He can feel her heat gliding along the upper side and he shifts his hold. K'thyri laughs, then groans as he presses into her. grinding her hips, she helps him impale her on his hard shaft. he muscles grip, sucking him in, and Keon groans.

He takes slowly moves his feet, carefully placing them on the bottom of the pond. Each step rocks him in and out of K'thyri. Mounting the bank proves tricky. He slips, catching his balance. His cock slams into her and K'thyri yelps, both of them ending on a groan. Pressing harder against him causes both of them to moan.

"Do that again.... and I will not last."

Keon catches his own breath and smiles wickedly. "Promise?"

His cloak is where she dropped it and Keon spreads it out with his foot. K'thyri writhes with each movement. When he finally drops to his knees, the jolt is too much. K'thyri whimpers, squeezing her muscles around him and keon loses his control.

He pins her to the cloak, thrusting deep and hard. Both are moaning, sounds mere grunts and whimpers. The sudden explosion of heat, the tightening of her muscles as she explodes around him causes Keon to rear back one last time, and slam deep. His own release is no more exhausting than her own.

The night sky is still dark above them as Keon pulls his cloak around them. They doze, waking to the blush of dawn. Slipping into the water, they wash away the prior night's residue and dress quickly. Keon kisses her once, a light kiss of gratitude, and they slip back into camp.

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