Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The two mers keeping Keon above water are giggling. The Dark Lord stares at the baby girl in his hands. Small gills flutter as she breathes and Fea keeps repeating something over and over. Finally it is Cassie's tired voice that sinks through his daze.

"Keon, lower her into the water again, cover her gills."

Keon slowly lowers the baby, watching her lips open and close in time with her gills. Her feet kick, hands moving as if stroking the water. Tiny webs flutter between her stretched fingers. Keon looks up at Cassie as their child meets her new surroundings. Fea motions and the Mers bring him to Cassie's side.

He hands their daughter to Cassie, stroking his fingertips over the small head of curls. Within moments the baby is suckling and Keon levers himself up on the dock. The Mers giggle again and flip themselves out of the water, diving away from the couple.Their giggles can be faintly heard when they resurface halfway across the lake.

Keon looks at Fea. "What do they find so funny?"

"You laddie. Yer the fearsome Dealg Drubnh, an here ye are, bewitched by the soft blue glow of yer own child. When yer wee one is done nursing, Cassie should find her bed and rest, Keon. Beautiful lassie, have ye thought of a name?"

"Mera..." Cassie looks up at Keon smiling. "She is a water baby, as beautiful as her mother, yet crowned with me own dark locks." His gaze leaves his women and finds Fea's. "Me gratitude Mer Cronigh, for yer aid."

The Crone strokes his cheek lightly. "An I could do no less fer me own boyo. I will return in a bit. Ye need time together. Now don't ye forget to call that great beast of a Viking. He can be spreading the word for ye in no time."

Fea pats Cassie's hand and draws a wet finger along Mera's brow. "Mother bless ye both, me lasses."

The Crone sinks beneath the lake and is gone. Keon helps Cassie up onto the dock. He struggles into his jeans, leaving the pants open as he pulls out his cell. Flipping it open he notes the lack of signal.

"Cassie, I have to get a better signal to call Guunnar, do you want to go inside?"

Cassie shakes her head and begins to talk softly to Mera. The baby coos and Keon kisses Cassie's cheek before stepping away.

"Guunnar... we have a lass. Pale she is, with a mass of black waves. beautiful as moonlit waters... Aye, she is doin well..."

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