Sunday, February 27, 2011

The day dawns bright and clear and I'm creaking in every joint. Thank the Powers this will be my last night of sleeping on the ground…. There's an impromptu breakfast, partly from the Nighthawks' rations, partly from things I don't want to think too closely on….

Looks like everybody got out his Sunday best for the execution.... Gareth is in full silver mail, with a surcoat and sword and everything. Someone found black mail for Nick, and a black surcoat with a red bat emblem on the chest. It reminds me of Hordak from the old She-Ra cartoons. I can feel a grin starting and Nick holds up a warning hand. "Not one word, Jack...."

"Who, me?," I ask indignantly. Then, under my breath as I move away, "To the Batcave, Raina...."

"I heard that."


After the meal, Herne stands and begins to outline his plans for the gauntlet. "Only those who have been directly affected by Morgan Bloodmane will take part in the gauntlet itself; the rest of you are witnesses. Gargoyle" - this to Ob - "stand you here on the right, and be the first to strike. Valkyrie - you on the left, to strike for your friend, and you, her brother, next in line, to strike for your wife. Vampire, you opposite him - and you, Master of the Hounds, and Knight of the Bright Court - you at the end, for the final strikes. You, Master Demifae - take your position where you will, and strike as often as you will. The rest of you, form a ring. Should Bloodbane attempt escape, strike at will, and you, my Riders" - this to Ramji and Dimitri - "be ready, should she break the ring, to hunt her down."

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