Sunday, February 27, 2011

"Enough." The deep voice carries throughout the camp and heads turn. The Hunter has entered all unseen - how the hell does he do that? - and now stands next to Morgan, looking down at her with dispassionate eyes.

"You stand condemned by both Courts, Morgan Bloodmane. It only remains to arrange and carry out your execution. Were you in better health, I would give you to the Hunt and let my Hounds and Riders harry you to your death. But as you are now, you would make a most disappointing quarry. I doubt you could last the quarter of an hour."

He turns and the glowing eyes meet with every pair of eyes in the camp. "Let her be kept safe until the morrow. I think a gauntlet best suited to meet our needs, and by then I should have it all arranged."

Two Hounds move to sit on either side of the prisoner, and Keon finally nods….

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