Monday, February 28, 2011

"Lady Star...?"

His voice is soft, although his eyes are fixed on his daughter. "Do nae get her things. I fear I am in nae shape to care for her as well as ye can. If it would be no bother, can ye watch her for a few more days? I have a few things to do at the houseboat."

He raises his gaze to Erik and Star. There is a lost look to his eyes, pain that is not hidden as well as he would like. "I am nae sure... I need to..." He lowers his eyes to Mera, rocking her gently in his arms. Star stares at him for a moment, eyes flashing as they swirl with her emotions. Bright blue surprise melts to affectionate pink as she looks at Mera. She nods slowly.

Keon lays Mera gently in her cradle. Head held straight, Keon nods to the couple, then walks out, closing the door quietly behind him. He leans against the wall and silently curses at himself for the pain he strives to overcome.

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