Sunday, February 27, 2011

Ky had been lost in thought as they headed through the realm and back to the gate. The day had turned dark with ominous clouds overhead threatening rain. She had been torn at first about what to do. She wanted to stay with Drai and she wanted to go with Inari, but something drew her to Gareth. Her brother would be fine and she always knew where to find him. Inari was going with Torin and Ky thought maybe if they were left alone they would get together. It was obvious they wanted each other. So she felt free to hang out with Gareth for awhile and she could lead them through the forest.

Her and Raina had ridden a bit ahead, the men talking about the battle and Morgans end. Ky was keeping a close eye on Raina, who was looking more ill as the day wore on.

Raina cant remember how long she has been in the saddle Her thoughts are scattered and unfocused, the horses movements causing endless pain. Water.. .I need a drink of water... why are we moving so fast... so fast....

Ky sees Raina nodding and looking like she is going to throw up. Her face was pale, and almost looked green. She was mumbling and starting to lean in the saddle when Ky pulled her horse next to Rainas.

“Hey! Are you all right?”

All Raina can do is shake her head. Before Ky has a chance to signal anyone Raina starts to lean dangerously off to one side. Ky tries to support her but Raina suddenly loses consciousness and her dead weight knocks them both off the horses and onto the ground.

Ky's horse, being well trained, stops immediately. Nick pulls up and leaps off his mount. “What the hell happened?”

“She passed out. I tried to catch her and pull her onto my horse... Damn, Nick, shes burning up. Feel...” Ky takes Nicks hand and places it on Rainas cheek.

“Fuck!” Nicks hands shake just slightly, he has never seen Raina sick. Upset, crying, drunk, mad as hell and ready to choke the life out of someone, but never ill and certainly not like this. “I can take her on my horse...” and as he moves to pick her up he sees the gash on her leg. Fire red and swollen, green and yellow pus dripping down her leg from a spot where a few of the stitches have torn open. He swallows hard, “When did this get so bad? Is it because we let her up for the gauntlet?”

Ky shrugs,“Infections caught in the Unformed Plane often come on fast and virulent. Where is the demifae? We need to send him ahead of us.”

Erik and Gareth pull their horses to a stop. Miko flits down to Raina and wrinkles his nose when he sees the wound. Gareth takes off a shirt and binds it over the dressings that have come loose from the fall.

Erik tells Miko, “Can you fly ahead? Tell Mortuis what has happened and tell him to send for Rowan.”

Miko nods and starts to lift but Erik stops him. “Miko... be sure to tell him that Ky is with us. I dont want her to get fried at the gates...”

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