Monday, February 28, 2011

Hours later Raina opens her eyes and looks up at Nick.

“Hi...” she whispers.

Nick kisses her forehead and runs a hand over through her hair. “Hi... how are you feeling? You've been sleeping for awhile now.”

“My leg aches... and I'm thirsty. Whats this?” She lifts her arm and her gaze follows the tubing from her hand to the IV pump and the bags hanging above that.

Alise wanders over from the chair she had been dozing in. She takes Rainas hand and says, “Good... you're awake. I will go get you something to drink from the kitchen.”

Raina nods and watches as Alise leaves the room, shutting the door quietly behind her. “I take it we are back at the Manse.” Nick nods and she continues, “The last thing I remember is riding and thinking the horse was going too fast for some reason..”

“Well, he wasnt and you passed out and fell off. Ky tried to catch you... Apparently you picked up some infection in the gash on your leg. Rowan cleaned it out and started all that...” he points to IV pump. “You look better though. You were really sick when we got you here. Rowan said you would need that for a day or two....”

Raina nods, “Okay. You dont have to stay with me. Must be pretty dull watching me sleep.”

“You stayed with me when I was poisoned. I'm not going anywhere and you arent dull, even sleeping.”

Smiling sleepily Raina asks, “Is everyone back from Faerie? Anyone else hurt?”

“Everyone is back. Ob is suffering from exhaustion but no other injuries that I have heard of. Gareth talked to the old man and has K'thyri staying with him. And Alise wouldnt leave until she felt you were all right. Thats all the news I have.” Nick grins and grabs a calloused hand, needing to feel her close.

“Ky is with Gareth? I think there might be more going on with those two than just fuck buddies.”

Nick nods, “I agree. I cant believe he asked Mortuis if she could stay...”

Right then Alise knocks softly on the door and comes in carrying a small tray. She sets it near the bed and hands Nick a mug of hot chicken broth. “Help her with this. The other one has apple juice. Rowan said if this stays down you can have real food in the morning. I am going to bed now..”

Raina laughs quietly, “Now that you are convinced I am not dying?”

“You tease even when you are sick. What am I to do with you?” Alise kisses Rainas cheek, “Je taime ma souer. We can talk tomorrow.” She leans over Raina and kisses Nick on the cheek, “Bon soir.”

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