Monday, February 28, 2011

One would have to have the heart of a troll not to feel for Keon. The man is trying to put aside his personal feelings and do what's best for his daughter. I wonder... Gods forbid, but if I ever had to make such a nightmarish choice, could I do as much?

"Keon - may I see you out?" He nods and I fall into step beside him. "I know you need time to yourself now - time to grieve for your loss; time to take thought for the future. Take as long as you will, my friend. We will care for Mera for as long as you like; I think you know she will be well-treated. And if there's anything else either of us can do to help, you have only to ask."

He nods heavily, his footsteps leaden. At the door he stops, his eyes wet, and clasps my hand. "May the gods smile upon yerself for what ye hae already done, Erik."

As he turns to leave, Keon pauses. "She is a lass of many gifts, Erik, an she wears her heart in her eyes." His gaze drifts back up the hall. "Bright blue and pink are colors I hae nae seen afore. What do they mean?"

"Blue means she's happy," I say softly. "Pink is for love."

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