Wednesday, February 23, 2011

They look right together. The thought runs through Keon's mind that perhaps he needs to think of her future. If Cassie was still here, he would not think twice of slipping between Realms. Now... he sighs. Hiding it as he leans over Star to kiss his child's forehead.

"*Daidí is aoibhinn duit, mo mhíle stór. I chailleann tú cheana féin, meáchan i mo lámha. A bheith ina cailín maith. Téim go dtí an beannaigh's do mháthair a fhágáil."

He kisses her forehead again, and straightens his shoulders. He looks for Gareth, seeing him talking strategy with others. By the time he reaches Gareth's table, he is as cold and distant as he has ever been when hunting.

"Sir Gareth, I am coming with you."

The pale haired Knight looks up.

"I would expect nothing less of you, Sieur Keon. We have had our differences in the past, and will again. But at this time, in this one thing, we are of one mind and one purpose. It will be a privilege to fight by your side."

Keon bows. "This is your operation. I am at your disposal."

*Daddy loves you, my treasure. I already miss the weight of you in my arms. Be a good girl. I go to avenge your mother's leaving.

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