Sunday, February 27, 2011

Fortunate it is that I had posted some of the elementals on the gate, for had Miko flown into the wards at full strength, the world had known him no more. I was informed of his presence bare minutes before his arrival and reduced the "voltage" to a less-than-fatal level. Even so, I think it scorched his wings briefly….

I send a sylph ahead of me with word to Rowan to expect Raina shortly, and told her where to find us. Nekron lifts her as though she were the veriest of infants and bears her into the Manse, following my lead. Once we have her well bestowed, I examine the wound. It's bad, but I have seen worse. With proper care, it may even heal without leaving a scar. Still, those red streaks of infection… it is as well that they made haste.

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