Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Raina listens as Alise explains what she has observed in Tara. Tara looks up at Raina, dark circles ringing her violet eyes.

Raina reaches for Tara and then holds her close. She sighs, “Lets see if there is any way for your maman and I to make sense of this for you.” Raina sends her feelings of warmth, love and acceptance. Then tries to convey a feeling of sameness, so that maybe Tara would understand Raina had the same abilities. Raina wasnt sure how to explain how she learned to 'turn it off' when it became too much for her. One thing at a time I guess...

She feels the warm feelings returned then Alise says “She is showing me pictures of Cassie. How do we explain this to her?”

Raina shakes her head, not sure how to answer and not sure how to help.

Star reaches over and takes Taras little hand in hers. “Alise, show her with your mind, that Cassie will be like your mother when she comes to visit. Tara sees her grandmother when the rest of us dont, well you do, but maybe she will understand that way.”

Alise touches her mind to her daughters and she can feel Stoney reaching out, wondering what is going on. Alise shows her a picture of grandmaman and how she looks faded and then shows her that Tara sees her but Tomas doesnt and papan doesnt.

Tara smiles, and Raina feels a happy contented feeling from the little girl when she thinks about her grandmaman. Then Alise shows her a picture of Cassie, then makes the picture in her mind fade, until Cassies image resembles her mothers spirit in texture and depth. Alise shows her visiting Tara when Tara is asleep, not knowing if Tara would ever see Cassies spirit.

Raina can sense acceptance from Tara, not happiness, but maybe that would come in time. And maybe she would see Cassies spirit. She could see Alises mother, so it was a possibility.

Tara brings her knees up and buries her face in Rainas neck and is soon drifting. All of a sudden Alise starts to laugh.

“What? What is so funny?” Raina rubs Taras back gently.

“She is showing me pictures of a baby with your face. A baby carrying a sword and with many tattoos.”

Raina senses Tara returning to her the feelings of sameness and acceptance. She laughs, “We have to stick together, little one...”

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