Sunday, February 27, 2011

Alise sighs contentedly as she watches the children play in the warm afternoon sun. It was their habit now to be outside after the childrens naps. Alise and Pandora would sit on a bench, Stoney would go to the small shop where he could sculpt and Star would sit on the grass with Mera. She was always careful to include Mera in everything even if she was too young to understand.

Today Tomas was crawling slowly, trying to coordinate arms and legs to move forward. Tara would watch him, get up on her hands and knees, but just rock back and forth. Chloe sat near her mother, her attention captured by Rachel and Mya who were encouraging Tomas.

Mya was a couple of feet ahead of Tomas, “Come baby... come here....” The demifae giggle as Tomas moves forward a few inches.

Alises mind wraps around Stoneys, Tomas is going to take off one of these times, then the fun will start. He is so inquisitive. Tara is just watching but I bet she will be right behind him before we know it...

Stoney smiles, Wait until they are walking and climbing....

Silk joins the women and sits down. She sees Alise looking at Star and asks for her thoughts.

“I was just watching Star with Mera. They seem so attuned to one another. Its almost strange, like they are in their own little world, and the rest of us are outsiders. I can tell Star loves her already. I hope Keon doesnt take her to Faerie to his family, but I dont know what else he would do. Star will be heart broken to see her go.”

Silk nods, “Things have a way of working out. Right now, this is good for the both of them. And I know Keon would not take the little one to his family. He does not want her raised by them or near the court.”

“Oh. I dont know anything about his family. I suppose I worry too much.” Suddenly Alises mind is flooded with images of Chloes ears and the blue ear rings Cassie gave to Tara. Laughing she picks the little girl up, “All right, all right. We will ask Tante Silk about your ears.”

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