Sunday, February 27, 2011

There is a knock on the infirmary's door. A Healer peeks in and motions to Nyr.

"My Lord, a messenger comes from the Unformed Plane. The Sidhe, Morgan, has been captured."

The Healer closes the door, returning the room to quiet. Twillon looks up from his chair, blinking wearily. Nyr rests a hand on his shoulder.

"I thought you were sleeping, Ra'."

Twillon sighs, his voice stays soft as not to wake the sleeping Weebit. "Dozing. She is not having an easy time. The grafts aren't taking as well as the Healers expected." He shifts in his chair, avoiding Tork's tail. "There are rumors that a group from the Human Realm joined the battle." Nyr nods. "Any word who?"

Nyr settles in another chair, stretching his feet before him. "A Gargoyle. A Vampyre. Two Warriors, one a male, one female. They are brother and sister, I hear."

Twillon nods slowly, knowing who three of the four definitely were. The Gargoyle could be any one of the four sibs. "A demifae... it is said he is armed with a steel pin of some sort."

Twillon begins to laugh. "Miko."

Nyr raises a brow. "I gather you know him?"

Twillon laughs. "You could say that. We know all of the people you have mentioned so far."

"The rumors also say that they are in the company of two Sidhe. Both are looking for Bloodmane."

Twillon turns to look at Nyr. "Two? I know one would be Sir Gareth. He would want Bloodmane for his companions death. Any idea what they look like?"

"Sir Gareth? We thought he... What of young Conal?" Twillon shakes his head. "That is who Gareth would want..." Twillon nods. "Damn." Nyr sighs. "That would explain part of the rumor. One is a Bright Knight they say. The other is as dark as an Unseelie can be. There is speculation the other is the Dealg Drubh. This one hunts for the death of his lover." Twillon sits up, turning to face Nyr in shock.

"Cassandra is... dead?"

There is a gasp from the bed. Weebit is sitting up, hands covering her mouth.

"Twilllon, we have to go. We have to go back. Or go to Keon. Or, or..." Her almond eyes fill with tears.

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