Sunday, February 27, 2011

Rowan pulls into the manse and as she shuts off the engine the old van makes a horrible bang and smoke rolls out from under the hood.

Ah hell. At least I got here before it died. I will have to beg a ride home...

She opens the back door and takes out the plastic tote with supplies and a small cooler that she had placed the bags of IV antibiotics in. It was a good thing they had thought to send Miko ahead. He had given Mortuis a detailed description of the wound giving everyone some time to prepare.

A sylph leads her upstairs and everyone has gathered in the hall. Silk has wisely kept the women and babies out until Rowan has seen the patient and determined what they are dealing with. Star is in Eriks arms, Mera napping at the moment and Pandora is holding Chloe. Alise, on the other hand, is mad as hell and demanding to see Raina. Stoney stands to one side with both his wide-eyed little ones.

Rowan sets her totes down and pulls Alise into her arms. “Stop it now. You are upsetting yourself and the baby you carry for no good reason.... You know I will let you in as soon as I can. It sounds like just an infection of the wound, just let me make sure...”

Alise starts to cry but agrees. She moves a chair near the door. “I am not going anywhere until I can see her.”

Rowan looks at Stoney and mouths the word 'hormones'. Stoney grins and sings to the twins, covering his thoughts from Alise.

Rowan enters the room and greets Mortuis and Silk. Nick is sitting next to Rainas bed, his forehead wrinkled, concern for her condition very evident in his posture. Rowan lifts the towel covering the wound. Silk had already removed the old dressings and laid a towel under the leg and one on top.

Rowan wrinkles her nose up at the smell and the sight of the gash on Rainas calf. “Oh! This does look nasty. Lets get the IV started with some antibiotics and something for the pain. We will need to open that up and clean it out again. I hope you all have strong stomachs.”

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