Monday, February 28, 2011

Warmth seeps into the chilled darkness. Pandora's voice echos in his mind. Soft, gentle kisses urged him to "come back". Come back... from where? A smile touch follows Pandora's, like a tug in his hair. Papapapapapapapapapapa. Ob clutches at their voices, hanging on to the lifeline. His eyes slowly open, feeling the press of night edging into morning.

Pandora is watching him, tears slipping from her eyes as as he smiles. A small hand grips, catching in the scattering of hairs on his chest. He looks down with a wince. His fingertips stroke the multihued mop of curls, smiling down into pale blue eyes. His voice is hoarse as he whispers.

"*Buenas maƱanas, mis amores."

He takes Pandora's hand, pulling it up to brush his lips across her palm. "I love you Bruha. I had to help. I had to answer the sword's pull, so I could come home to you both."  He looks around the room, noting the furnishings. "We are at the Manse?" Pandora nods, stroking his face and tangled mass of hair. " Mi amor... Tomorrow night when I wake, we leave, go home. I will thank mi cooza and her sorcerer for their hospitality. Then, Mujer... then we go home."

He sighs, holding them in his arms. "Just a few more hours, then I go to stone for the day. Goddess... I..." His eyes close, dropping him into a light, dreamless sleep.

*Good morning, my darlings.

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