Sunday, February 27, 2011

Allah's Light rides comfotably in his large hand. His form wavers and soon the stone dragon is gone. In its place stands the tall, lean muscled, bohemian drummer that fell for the Tavern's keeper. He stands before The Lord of The Hunt, face grim, sword easily balanced.

"A boon, Lord Herne. That's all I ask. I will give up my place among the line if I can give her one cut before she is let loose. She is in so much pain now that no matter what any one does, she won't feel it. With Allah's Light I can heal her, just enough to let her feel what is coming her way."

The Hooded Lord nods slowly, His antlers rattle against a few low hung branches. He taps his fingers on the staff in his grip.

"Master Minstrel, could you heal her enough to give her, shall we say, almost perfect health? Return her beauty to her."

Ob peers into the shadowed hood. "Why? I mean I can, but why?"

Herne chuckles. "As you said young Gargoyle, so she can feel the full effect of her punishments."

The smile that creeps across Ob's features is dark and dangerous. "It will take a while, and I need her held or tied down. It will hurt."

Herne nods to his Riders. They follow the pair to where Morgan is being held. Her fight is short-lived and soon she finds herself bound to an overhanging branch. Herne has the clothes she has been wearing cut off her body. She begins to twist, snarling savagely as Ob eyes her wounds. He sings softly, the Romanavich words gathering strength, powering the healing properties of the sword. It glows and he touches its tip to her rotting flesh. Morgan howls as it burns. When he removes the blade, the flesh is whole, showing only the pale shininess of new skin.

The sun is just cresting the horizon as Ob finishes with the final wounds. Morgan sags in her bonds, panting from the pain. Herne's voice is cold as he talks to her.

"You have been healed for one reason only. So you will feel your punishment. Your beauty is returned, but it will not help you here." He turns to a Rider. "Find something to cover the Sidhe bitch. It is soon time to begin."

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