Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Stars eyes change colors swiftly as she stands. She didnt know if Keon really thought he was fooling anyone with the change in his voice. Star could see right through it, the pain in his eyes was all she needed to see to know how he really felt about leaving little Mera.

Her eyes swimming with tears Star replies, “Burden? It would be no burden to care for her. I would love to and I am honored that you would ask me.”

Keon nods and places Mera in Stars arms. As he leans close to kiss his little one and run a finger through her soft curls Star quietly says, “I will keep her safe for you, I promise.”

Rowan moves away from Traeger and approaches Star and Erik. Keon is already looking a bit lost, watching Star cuddle Mera. Rowan rests a hand on Keons arm, “I will help her in any way I can, you know that. Mortuis and I have known each other some time, I can come and go to the Manse as needed.” Turning from Keon she sees the worry in Eriks eyes, worry that Star will get too attached to the baby before they return.

“It will be fine... and good for both of them. I'll help her gather some things for Mera. I am sure Mortuis has everything we could possibly need, but we should get the baby's bottles and formula ready. I'll get the recipe and show you how to make it.”

Star looks up and nods, already fascinated with the little one in her arms. Looking at Erik she says softly, “Is this all right with you? You havent said anything...”

“Its fine Princess. I am sure caring for her will help the time go by faster...” Erik watches as Stars eyes turn pink when she looks at Mera. Goddess, I hope this is the right thing to do, for both of them....

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