Monday, February 28, 2011

The night is fast passing. Weebit is resting in their room and Twillon sits in the taproom, catching up with Torrent and Guunnar. He shakes his head over the news of Mera's birth and Cassie's murder.

"Weebit will be upset. She liked Cassandra. Couldn't get over the fact that Keon had found someone who wasn't afraid of him, besides Silk of course."

He swirls the amber liquid, tipping the pilsner to take a drink. "Well Morgan is dead. Her minions are being hunted throughout Faerie. Herne has Hunters tracking here as well. Goddess knows, there has been enough pain in the lives of people here."

Ike brings another beer, topping off Guunnar's mug. His eyes follow Tori as she talks to the current band's soundman. They are arguing about something. "Du tink I need to gib Tori help?"

Ike shakes her head. "Do that Guunnar and she will hurt you."

The big man nods, watching Tori. "She ist... Ach, she ist fire to mein ice. Ve vould not be gut for each oder."

Twillon laughs as Ike hands Torrent a note. The Brownie smiles, thin lips pulled tight in a grin.

"Grace is returning to the Gallery tomorrow."

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