Sunday, February 27, 2011

Ky finishes the poteen Keon left and stares at the fire. She understands how he must be feeling. Living out here and fighting at the borders, a person lost comrades all the time. Not that it was the same as losing the love of your life, the mother of your child. But Ky had been with Inari when Rom had passed. She never wanted to see such grief again. As long as she lived she would remember the heartbroken scream, the sobs, the pleading with every god she could think of to spare his life, to bring him back. Inari would have died with him had Ky not been there to stop her, to hold her until she had some semblance of control over her emotions.

She stood up and stretched. Inari had excused herself to go check on the wounded. Gareth and Nick were with Raina who was just starting to wake up. K'thyri glances over at Keon in his hound form, watching Morgan. She walks over to him and stops, glaring at the prisoner. Morgan snarls at Ky, showing her teeth like some kind of wild animal. Ky laughs and kicks dirt at her, telling her “Get fucked bitch. If you even try to bite me I will feed you to the Hekatons myself.”

She turns her back to Morgan so that she and the other guards cant hear her. She lays the flask at Keons feet, his big head glances down at it and back up at her. “You said you wanted this back. If you need or want me... I understand Keon. I'll be up at the pond bathing....”

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