Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wow. So this is where Tannr works....

It was Tannr who came up with the idea to hold the strategy session at the whorehouse - oh, I'm sorry, the NiteOwl Club. It seems ideal for the purpose; they have several private banquet rooms big enough to handle our party, and it's a place that the ghouls wouldn't think of infiltrating - we hope. Anyway, the only people here tonight are Tavern regulars, so it'd be difficult to bring in a ringer at this point.

Drinks have been served by waitresses dressed in thigh-length gauzy toga-things. I hope I can keep my mind on strategy tonight... not that I'm exactly great at it to begin with.

Adrian raps on the table and the crowd hushes. We voted, pretty much unanimously, to make him the MC tonight. He has experience mediating disputes, just in case, and he has no personal stake in any decisions we make here tonight.

The vampire stands, tall and elegant, dressed entirely in black. His jacket falls to mid-thigh, with a high mandarin-style collar. He clears his throat and there's almost silence.

"Good evening, friends. It is my honor to be among you tonight, to have a hand in your deliberations and hopefully to help you put an end to your troubles. I ask for your indulgence in a few ground rules; they are largely common courtesy, no more; yet in such an emergency as this, even common courtesies may be forgotten.

Everyone will have a chance to offer their opinion here tonight; therefore be patient and listen without interrupting, as you hope others will do when it is your turn to speak. The Club has provided notepads and pens, which our lovely hostesses are passing out as I speak. If you have a concern you feel we should address, write it down and refer to it when your turn comes. Above all, let us remember our purpose for being here and work together for the common good. I thank you for your attention. Let the discussion begin to my right and continue until all have had a chance to speak. Thea, I believe that makes you our first speaker; I yield the floor to you."

I'm not going to try and recount everything that was said; much of it would be boring as hell. Suffice it to say that everyone had a chance to speak their piece, and after all was said and done, the real discussion began. To sum up, we decide to lay a trap for the ghouls. Several of our warriors will go out each night, acting as bait, disguised by Fay glamour; others will lie in wait for the trap to spring, cloaked by the same magic. We're going to try to hit as many of the local bars as we can, since we can't be sure where the ghouls are concentrating their efforts - if they are.

So now all we can do is work the plan, and hope - and maybe pray - for the best. May all the gods help us.

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