Monday, July 18, 2011

This place is worse than any brothel or alehouse it has been my pleasure to destroy. I watch the patrons with a detachment that seems to be attracting attention, and not just by males. Everyone emits a telltale aura. I see humans' rainbows, the heat pulse around shifters, and the assorted mix of Others. Only three have the telltale shifting green of ghouls. Thank you Brothers Grim, for allowing me to hone my vision on your own auras. There is a small difference to these auras though. Sweeney and Moke have good solid tones, evergreen to spring green. These auras are a sickly tone, more yellowish than pure greens.

I am not casting any spells tonight, not even projecting my Succubi talents. I am not known in this place, so I am not even disguising my features. My hair was styled by one of the shifters. It lays perfectly, not a hair out of place. My pantsuit is navy blue silk, jacket opened just enough to reveal the lace of my lace cami. I tap the toe of my spiked heel shoe as I lean back against the bar. What did Guunnar say when he saw me..? Oh yes. All I need is a riding crop. I smile and give a nod to the bartender as he slides a white wine to me, nodding in the direction of two of the ghouls.

Gareth sits in a booth nearby. I wouldn't have recognized him, except for his aura. In his place is a very hot, very muscular young college student. His blonde hair falls in a shock of bangs over his forehead, while short and spiked up in the back. His shirt does nothing to hide the bulging muscles of his chest and arms. The jeans leave absolutely nothing to the imagination. No wonder both Raina and K'thyri exude lust when he is about. The ghoul female draped over him slowly drags her nails over the top of his thigh and over his zipper. I feel the shudder in his emotion from where I sit. If she keeps touching him so intimately... It is all I can do to control the rage I pull off him.

My pair finally come over to me. They chat me up and it is obvious they have done this before. It is also obvious they truly want me to dominate them. I slide from my stool and hook a finger at them. They follow like well-schooled puppies.

Twillon sits right outside on a Harley. His personal glamour gives him that badboy biker look... blonde hair loosely tied back, leather vest open, revealing a wealth of chest hair, bare arms covered in tattoos, worn jeans skin tight. The four fighters with him don't need glamours. They just look like street thugs. Twillon watches as we stroll by. He whistles and one of my "boys" turns to glare at him. I add a swish to my strut and Twill leans back grinning.

I tell the ghouls there is a shortcut to my condo through the Park. I can feel their anticipation as we walk the gravel pathways. Turning to stroke the cheek of one or my "boys", I catch a glimpse of Gareth on another path. The female ghoul acts as if she is drunk, but we all know better. Red eyes glimmer from the trees and high grasses of the more wild plantings. Twillon and his gang disappear into the dark shadows of the trees.

I open my jacket and it slides along my arms. I let it fall, noting one of the ghouls scoops it up and brings it to his face to inhale my scent. The other grabs it from him, snarling. There is a tug of war over the silk and it tears. I turn at the sound. My voice is cool, yet it snares their attention. They stop fighting immediately.

"You boys have destroyed my jacket. I will need to punish you for that."

They both grin and begin advancing on me. They growl softly, faces changing to their other forms. Instead of screaming or cowering, as they expect, I hold out my hands palms up. The pair laugh, a horrible hyena like sound which cuts off as they find themselves surrounded by silent Shifters in various states of change, and equally silent HellHounds. There is a crunch on the path behind the ghouls and they spin into a defensive position, back to back.

Dmitri twists his head and the crack of his bones is loud in the silence. A scream wails not far away. I smile as I hear Twillon's battle cry. The ghouls look around frantically, staring into shadows. We hear them, smell them, more ghouls are close, but we cannot see them. Three Shifters are down before we can respond to their threat. It dawns on us that all three are in human form, something they weren't moments before.

Chaos erupts, shifters morphing uncontrollably. The shifting seems to be keeping the ghouls off balance as they spin to attack one helpless human, only to find it has shifted, or a HellHound is suddenly between it and the intended target. Of the three first casualties, one lies still, the other two are suddenly covered in fur and back in the fray.

My blades sing as I dance among the foe. I get mere glimpses of Dmitri as he hacks into the ghouls that have come from seemingly nowhere. There is a ferocity in the Greek that burns bright, often hidden by the casual personality seen at the Tavern. Something swoops in from above and I feel my hair being yanked as I am lifted off the ground. I roar as my form changes and the vultures are forced to let go. Talons scrape along scale and I barrel roll, flame strafing the sky. Two go down immediately, burnt to a crispy finish. Another streaks away into the night.

Much as I want to follow, I see the battle on the next path. Glancing at my group, I see the battle well in hand. A Shifter is cuffing one of my "boys" as Dmitri cleans his blade on the remains of the other. One of Tori's kids is taking a head count and logging injuries as unharmed fighters clean up the scene. I roar and Dmitri looks up. He salutes and I dive into the next clearing.

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