Monday, July 18, 2011

The night Jeb and Roxi spent together had changed their relationship forever; now there was a subtle difference in the glances they exchanged... a tenderness in the eyes, flares of sexual awareness at things the other did; their time together now bespoke intimacy. Jeb was very attentive and used small strokes and caresses to express to Roxi his feelings... her eyes followed him when he moved about doing his duties at the tavern door.

Jeb realized that night that if Roxi had been sexually active it had been awhile since then... and he took it slow and easy..trying to heighten her pleasure and make sure she was ready for him when they finally came together. The experience had been intense; both being shifters they were able to control themselves in subtle ways that helped them to prolong their lovemaking till they both were ready to surrender... the look in Roxi's eyes as she climaxed told him his instincts were right; she was fiery with desire and it tipped him over the edge.

Tonight she sat beside him as he worked the door; sipping an iced tea she kept him company between customer arrivals. Monty came to give him a break after the dinner rush; and he drew Roxi out onto the dance floor, gathering her tightly in his arms they danced..every movement a suggestive brush of body against body. Jeb looked down into her eyes.."Mind if I come over after work?". Roxi grinned and said..'If you don't I think I'll die of loneliness." He leaned down and kissed her, a kiss that swiftly grew passionate; to the point they stopped dancing and clung to each other... unaware there were other people around them. Jeb was drawn back to the moment when he realized the music had stopped and the other couples and patrons were smiling at them with approval.

Grabbing Roxi's hand Jeb drew her away to the back hall and seeing no one else about he pulled her against him and again kissed her..this time his hand brushing against her breast, caressing down her hip and causing her to thrust forward, her hips grinding against his now obvious arousal. Jeb pulled back and whispered... "wow, this could go too far in a hurry, my breaks over sweetheart; hold that thought till I'm off and I'll show you what I want to do to that gorgeous body of yours." Roxi blushed, which made her even more attractive  to Jeb... he loved her shy soft ways; no one but him would guess how wild she could be.

 Draping an arm casually about her shoulders they crossed the floor back to the front door; Roxi resuming her perch on the chair and Jeb caressing her cheek before turning back to the door.

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