Monday, July 18, 2011

My turn to take reports. Their have been several run-ins with the ghouls. Unfortunately, those trapped perish before any intelligence can be gathered. If we don't kill them, the ghouls find a way to take their own lives. I sigh.

Ob has taken Pandora upstairs to rest. This pregnancy is riding her hard. Mi cooza is concerned about her discomfort and how short her temper has become. It isn't just Pandora's mood. The taste of Exton is one spiced with anger and unease. Monty slides a mug of Earl Grey before me. I smile and sip at the mug gratefully.

Ob returns. As he slides into a chair her tells me Miko is watching over Pandora. Absynthe guards Chloe's nap time. He looks worn, tired. He mutters something I have been hearing all over town,

"This eclipse is going to be a harbinger of trouble."

How do you answer that, when you feel the same way?

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