Monday, July 18, 2011

The new recruit has speed, agility, and flexibility. Her workout with Ramji was something to watch. As fast and deadly as the Rider struck, Nina twisted and spun, literally dancing as she fought. Ron found himself admiring her dexterity.

Ty grins as Ron returns to punching the bag. The Tiger winks at Toby where he trades sword strokes with Marc. "Want to have a little fun?" Without waiting for an answer, Ty strides across the open floor.

Nina looks up from wiping her face with a towel to find the tall young man staring down at her. His almond shaped eyes give her a slow once over that has her clenching a fist. He grins at her and bows with an old world flair. She watches him closely, crossing her arms over her spare bosom. She inhales his scent and is on sudden alert.

"My friends and I are going to spar, Were-style. You interested in playing with the Predators. little prey?"

Her eyes narrow and she glares at him. If looks could kill, the Tiger would be steaks on a grill. He winks at her, walking away to join his friends. At the door, he blows her a kiss. "We'll be downstairs in the obstacle course if you're interested."

Nina follows. The below ground level is rigged with poles, boxes, and metal stairs set up to resemble the narrow alleys in Exton. Moving into the room, Nina is just in time to see three nude men moments before they shift. She swallows hard as the distortions start, turning to look at the last man. He is leaning against a box, shaggy red hair half hiding his eyes. A low growl draws her gaze and she finds herself staring into the eyes of a large wolf. Movement in her peripheral vision resolves into a tiger and a cougar.

Ron watches as she steps back into shadows. Moments later there is a clatter above his head, Ron looks up as a squirrel scampers overhead. A whiff of its scents has him grinning. His friends bit off more than they can chew.

Marc follows her with his eyes as the Cats fade into the jungle gym furnishings. It isn't long before he hears the first crash. There is a yelp as something large hits the floor. Ron hides his laughter, as Ty emerges from the racks, shaking his head.

"Don't look at me. I am not the one who wanted to see if she could measure up."

The tiger growls and saunters back into the fray. A skittering sound draws Ron's eyes. Nina peeks around a corner, watching the striped tail as it flicks and disappears into the darker alleys. Toby pads by overhead and Nina huddles back out of sight.  Ron eases himself onto a box as Marc glides by soundlessly. Marc stops, watching as Ron gingerly moves himself into a comfortable position. Moments later the wolf is off seeking the girl's trail.

Ron laughs. He speaks quietly, knowing his friends are far enough to be unable to hear him. "If you want to hide, I'll shift and you can hide in my clothes. My scent will obscure yours." He feels her eyes on him as he pulls of his shirt. The scars on his leg are healed almost gone, but Ron closes his eyes for a moment.

His fox form comes fast and he curls up on the box, letting his body calm down. His friends pass by a few more times, each making sure Ron is fine before rejoining the hunt for Nina. The squirrel crawls into Ron's shirt and tucks herself out of sight. Ron closes his eyes and dozes, waiting for the trio to give up.

Toby carefully wakes Ron. The trio had finally tracked Nina to Ron's perch. When they were going to capture the girl, Ty held them back. This was the first restful sleep that Ron has had since his run-in with the ghoul.

As the fox blinks his eyes, Nina darts under his chin, She chatters at the trio, then dashes over his prone body. She is straightening her t-shirt as she steps around the box.

"And the next time you three yahoos want to act like my brothers, I'll bring them along too!"

She pets Ron, stroking between his ears. "Thanks. I think you might actually be okay. Catch you later Foxboy."

Nina grins as she is about to start up the stairs. She turns and looks over the  males. "Oh, yeah.. Guess what boys. I won." Under her breath, and out of earshot, she mutters, "For once."

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