Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Raina steps back and takes a deep breath, steadying her emotions and releasing the wave of feeling she was sensing from her brother. The group is silent for a moment, letting the seriousness of the situation fully sink in. She exchanges a glance with Erik and watches as his gaze falls back to his wife.

“Bloody fucking Hel!!” and Tannr kicks a chair, sending it flying across the room and into a far wall.

Feeling a cool hand to the back of her neck Raina sees Nick. “Rain, are you all right? I mean, all things considered...”

Raina nods, “I am, but I am not so sure how Tannr is going to handle this... I'm worried about him. You thought we had our hands full with Stoney when Alise was captive....hopefully thats not what this is...” Raina sighs, “But if it is, I'm afraid Tannr is going to be a lot harder on himself and everyone else in the process.”

Her thoughts are interrupted by Keon, his voice deep and cold as he gives orders to the Riders, organizing a search and calling for the Hell Hounds. His words are clipped, the tones frightening. His voice softens only when he approaches Star, her eyes wide at the change in her foster daughters father.

“Call for Wish and Pike. We may have need of them.” He turns to Tannr. “Can ye come with me to the Gallery? In case she has returned there...”

Tannr nods and in seconds the Riders and several shifters have left the Tavern in search for Tori.

Upstairs in the nursery something Stoney had said is nagging at Alises mind. Like moving through molasses... like moving through molasses....

She excuses herself and heads downstairs. She sees Stoney at the foot of the stairs and starts to send to him as she moves towards him. She switches to French, so no one else will understand her words.

Remi! Je sais pourquoi vous Tori biseautés de portée… elle a été dopé, comme j'étais. Mes pensées ont semblé épaisses et ralentissent, comme l'essai de patauger par la mélasse. Quelqu'un a fait ceci à elle, elle ne prendrait rien pour alourdir son sens à ce point. Je sais qu'elle pas. *

Stoney pulls her into his arms when she reaches the bottom step. I am afraid you may be right Chaton... He holds her tight for a moment. I am going to search by air, around our place and maybe the cabin and clearing, just in case. Stay here with the children. We will have to tell Ob when I get back. I just hope he understands why we have waited to tell him...

* I know why you cant reach Tori... she has been drugged, like I was. My thoughts seemed thick and slow, like trying to wade through molasses. Someone has done this to her, she would not take anything to dull her senses to this point. I know she wouldnt.

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