Wednesday, July 20, 2011

His dark eyes seem bottomless.Stoney watches Star's eyes swirl with her concern. A blush stains her cheeks and Stoney nods slowly.

"It was one of your vue avant... your foresight?" When Star nods, Stoney looks away, letting his sight go inward, mind stretching out to touch Tori's walls. He slips past Ob's family, hiding his thoughts among the joys and worries in his brother's mind.

Alise feels his touch, but lets him go, knowing he is seeking something. He finds Ike, feels her brushing at her sister's walls, frustrated at Tori's lack of response.

He pushes at the walls, pressing deeper into a nothingness much like a first-timer's stone sleep. Puzzled he withdraws and comes back to himself. Star's eyes are on him, watching him as if she could follow where his mind went.

Before Stoney can tell Star anything, there is a commotion in the Tavern. Nick and K'thyri stumble in and their team boils in behind them. They dump a body on the floor and it takes a few moments to recognize just who it is. Stoney's mind wings to Alise.

They just brought in Rath. Keep Laila upstairs, at least until Ramji gets back.

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