Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Okay, let me warm up to this idea slowly, so nothing explodes.

Star has been going into the woods - not alone! - and meeting a dark elf who apparently gets beaten a lot. He's a nice Drow, so she says, and I have to bite my tongue to keep from saying something cutting in response to that. Like Tannr, I've always believed that was a contradiction in terms. But he's only half-Drow, so maybe he's only half-evil? Somehow that's not terribly encouraging....

Star's still freaking out, worried we're going to kill and possibly eat her new friend. It takes about twenty minutes for me to convince her that we won't harm him so long as he doesn't try anything hostile, and even then I'm not sure she believes me, and especially Tannr.... Oh, and apparently Wish and Pike are sworn to Star, and if her wishes conflict with mine, they ignore me.  Good to know who your friends are....

Come what may, I have to meet this guy and judge for myself, so off we go in a troop - me and Star, Mya and Pike, with Wish, Keon and Tannr staying home to mind the babies.

As a soldier, I've done my share of marching, but I'm a bit surprised to find how far afield Star's been going... We finally reach a place that looks no different from any other part of the forest and Star calls out. "Ghaunt? Are you there?"

The leaves part and a man steps out into the open, hands held loosely at his sides. He's as big as Tannr, with silver-white hair and skin the color of ashes. There's a sword at his hip, but he makes no move to draw it. Smart... I wouldn't hesitate to take him out if I thought he was a threat, and while Pike might not be all that obedient to my will, his loyalty to Star is unquestionable.

For a moment we just stand there, sizing each other up; then he steps forward and extends a hand.

"I am Ghaunt."

His voice is deep, his diction just a hair too precise, the voice of someone who knows the language but isn't sure of his pronunciation or grammar. He sounds a bit like Michael Dorn, actually.... I stand irresolute for a moment, then clasp the offered hand. "I'm Erik. I believe you already know Star...."

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