Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Adrian rises.

"People of Exton." Adrian's voice is rock-steady. "Together we have heard my brother's confession, and it is such that no leniency can be shown. He has disgraced himself and his clan, and punishment must be meted out. I call you now to bear witness to the justice of the House of Acheron."

He turns to face Rath, his face as expressionless as a tombstone. "Stefan, known as Rath and Amrath, hear the sentence of your Lord and Clan.

From this moment, you are outcast. You are clanless. No one will succor you, no one will defend you."

Rath's expression is a study in incredulity. Clearly he never thought such a day would come.

"In light of the offenses you have committed, no mercy can be granted. I sentence you to perpetual immurement for a period of not less than one hundred years, to contemplate your sins in the darkness until it shall please the Lord of Acheron to grant you your freedom. This is my will; let it be done."

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