Monday, July 18, 2011

Conversation revolves around the patrols, the new recruits, and the problems with the Ghouls and Drow. Keon regales them with a story of learning battle skills in the Dark Courts. His description of using a long and short sword against an opponent twice his height, muscles of a bull, and four hands, each bearing a sharp edged weapon has them gasping for breath.

Tannr matches it with one of his youth. Tori laughs as he tells of hanging upside down to snitch the clothes of some of the girls as they bathed in the river. Tori rolls her eyes, shaking her head.

"At least you left tunics behind. You would have been in soo much trouble."

Tannr laughs, "Hell yes! As it is..." he breaks off. "How did you know we left them something to wear back to the village?"

"You said," Tannr shakes his head slowly. Tori frowns, puzzled. "I know you did..." She looks at Keon, who is shaking his head.

The dark Fae excuses himself to check on the little ones and Tori leans back, slouching in her chair. Her green eyes shimmer as small red flames flicker in their depths. "Maybe you told me about this before?"

Tannr smiles. "Maybe you can hear me?"

He concentrates, trying to touch her mind. Nothing. She relaxes, opening her mind to him. She gets impressions of love, and frustration. She shakes her head and Tannr takes her hands, smiling ruefully.

Ob touches her mind. Pan didn't hear me until we committed to each other.

Butt out bro.

The Gypsy Gar laughs. Can't help it. You are broadcasting wildly.

Tori drops a shield and Tannr laughs. "Ob?"

She nods. "How did you guess?"

Tannr just stares at her, dumbfounded.

The door opens behind them and Keon rejoins the couple. He takes one look at the pair and pours them each another drink.

"Do I want to know?"

The words fall into the silence and the pair starts to snicker. Moments later they are both laughing out loud. Tori chokes, trying to stop as tears roll down her cheeks. Keon shakes his head.

"Let's move on, shall we?"

He changes the subject, asking Tori about the highlands of her childhood. Tori smiles, picturing craggy cliffs and meadows of green and purple. Her expression softens as she talks about soaring over the shoreline, dragging her toes through the wave crests as selkies played.

Tannr smiles, listening in his mind to the calls of seabirds, the splash of water against wood. Tori's eyes find his and Keon moves silently away, leaving the two lovers lost in their moment. He smiles and slips back inside the house, giving them time to find what is moving between them.

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