Monday, July 18, 2011

Twillon and his Riders move among the trees as if a part of the night. Gareth is not far ahead. They can see him swaying slightly, playing the drunken swain. Weebit cuts across the Riders path on Tork's back, halting Twillon with a loud cricket chirp. Danger lurks close,

Through the tree, other demifae blink faery lights on and off, like demented fireflies, pinpointing an ambush. Twillon and his men separate, gliding around the hidden attackers. The Dark Lord takes the head of one hidden foe before it is aware he is behind it. The battle begins in the trees, but is soon on the path around Gareth and his ghoul date. The female throws herself at his feet, screaming for mercy.

As Gareth clips the enchanted cuffs around her wrists, another ghoul strikes at his back. The Knight of the Bright Court is fast, faster than the attacker expects. The clawed hand goes spinning off into the night. The creature doesn't stop and Gareth's blade takes it through the heart. He shoves it away, as the dying creature tries to gouge furrows into his flesh. Gareth laughs as the ghoul falls away, shredded t-shirt under its nasty claws. Elven chainmail glitters in the night. This seems to enrage the ghouls. The tide of battle begins to move, pressing ever closer to Gareth. Twillon laughs as Silk's dragon form roars from overhead.

Moments later two ghouls are gone, impaled on her talons. Their bodies hit the ground with a satisfying crunch and are swiftly beheaded. A wounded Shifter pulls the female ghoul out of the battle and shoves her against the base of a tree. She screams and a ghoul turns from battle to bound in their direction. The Shifter meets it head on, claw to claw. The battle is short but fierce, one among many, in the end the ghoul lies dead, as does the Shifter. The female ghoul is nowhere to be seen.

Twillon wipes his blade slowly. looking over the devastation. He frowns noting the absence of demifae. Gareth nudges him, pointing to the trees. A trail of faery lights lead along a path forced through the plants and trees. Crossing a wide clearing, the Sidhe warriors find the female ghoul curled up against the base of a bike rack. Weebit sits Tork's saddle like a queen. The dragon's fern-like fur bristling as it watches the ghoul.

Weebit smiles. Blood drips from the corner of her mouth and she wipes it away casually with the back of her hand.

"It tried to escape."

The demifae waves a hand and small lights flicker to life. Small as they are, the amount lights up the area around the ghoul. It pushes harder against the bike rack, glancing up at the Sidhe. Blood dots her face and hands, welling from pinpricks and long scratches. Something resembling a spiderweb holds her mouth shut. Twillon raises a brow at Weebit.

"The foul thing tried to eat one of us. She is just lucky we didn't end all of her ability to breathe."

The enraged demifae stares at the ghoul and it cringes away from the much smaller fae. Gareth and Twillon fight hard not to laugh as they haul the female to her feet and nearly carry her back to the battleground.

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