Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Ob looks up from watching the children play when a hand touches his arm lightly. As he opens his mouth to speak, Pike shakes his head and motions into the hallway.

Wish waits by the head of the stairs, watching him, head cocked expectantly. her words are soft, but ring in Ob's head. "My Lady calls. Trouble is afoot. Yer kin thought best to leave ye enjoy some time with yer family, but now tis time to see what needs must be done,"

She turns, hair flying and is gone in an instant. Pike grins. "Showoff." He grins up at Ob. "But we'll beat her there."

He lays his hand on Ob's arm and winks. Moments later Ob finds himself on the landing behind his brother and sister-in-law. Pike is grinning at Wish as she spins to a halt on the step behind them.

Stoney chooses a very tight mental path to let Ob know what is going on. The Gargoyle takes in the absence of so many able body warriors and nods grimly. He sends Pandora a mental carress.  The timbre of his voice is tense, the r's rolling strongly, betraying his fears. Mi amorrr, mi Brrruha... It looks like we arrre a battle headquartairrrs again. Stay upstairrrrs with Kalterrro and the othairrr cheeldrren. Atleast unteel I know what forrces arre needed. Rrright now, yourr strrength and the *prroteccio'n of all the cheeldrren ees parramount. When she begins to protest about being kept in the wings, Ob laughs. I have seen full well what ^devastacio'n you can wield, Mujer. I know NOONE weell come even close to the young ones. I weell tell you morre when I know morre.

Wish makes her way to Star's side. Pike is close behind her, eyes distant as if listening to something none else can hear. The Demifae who chose to stay begin to drift down from the rafters, armed for battle.



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