Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The door opens on the sound of Doctor Mortuis' voice. Ramji hides a smile as he listens, slowly working his way through the crowd. Tannr is at his back. The two warriors had met up on the porch as they returned from their patrols. Nick's raised voice has the two men nudging people aside.

It is the coldly sensual female voice that makes Ramji's stomach clench. He fights the sudden terror that takes hold and forces himself to move closer. Bodies part, almost as if edging away slightly, as Rath begins to confess. By the time the two men are at the edge of the circle, Lady Nyx has released Rath from her control.

Ramji's sword slide from its sheath. He is muttering under his breath, the Croation nearly trembling with anger. Tannr puts  hand on his shoulder, murmuring in the Rider's ear.

"Wait... they are not done yet. Think of this as a Tribunal of old..."

Ramji slides the blade slowly back into place.

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