Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Ky takes a deep breath, trying hard to control her impatience. Star couldnt hit the broad side of a barn if she were standing a foot away from it. Ky was trying to decide if she was doing it on purpose or if she just didnt have any hand-eye coordination.... Ky shakes her head, Shes half fae, that cant be it. She moves lightning fast when she wants to...

Ky's thoughts are interrupted by the appearance of Panther and her rambunctious greeting to Star. Raina arrives on her bike a few minutes later.

“How is she doing?” Raina inclines her head towards Star who is rubbing Panthers belly, much to the large cats delight.

“Well, if you want to know the truth, not so good. She's afraid of missing the target and hitting a tree. Or worse yet, missing the target and hitting some poor creature. She had a few demifae clear the area of any animals before we could start, not that they needed to worry, if she actually hit a moving target it would be a miracle.” Ky sighs and continues, “If she were one of my sibs I would goad her and piss her off, make her come after me, but I know that wont work with her. She's just so damn kind hearted... I dont know what to do with her. Maybe it would be better if Erik showed her how to defend herself.”

Raina sighs, “Bloody Hel.... I am entirely too tired for this today...”

“Didnt sleep well?” Ky asks with a hint of mischievousness in her voice.

Raina shakes her, “No, and we dont need to go into it now.” Raina watches as Star picks up the Stars and tries again. “Wow... just wow... you werent kidding...”

Nodding Ky says, “Maybe we should just give her a good knife and call it a day. One she can sheath on her leg so she doesnt inadvertently hurt herself...”

“No, let me try something first...” Raina approaches Star and Panther and Star hugs her warmly.

“Raina! Hi! Ky and Gareth have been trying to show me this...” Star holds up one of the weapons, “but I dont think I am any good at this....”

“Well, look at like this... What if I were someone evil...someone trying to take Ru away from you...”

Rainas face changes, her expression serious and threatening. “What if I grabbed him away from you...”

Raina gets right in Stars face and is close to yelling, “What if I took him and was going to run...”

Stars face crumples and she looks close to tears, obviously not use to anyone so much as raising their voice at her. But with Rainas raised voice Star starts to look angry and her eyes start to darken and look stormy.

Tannr approaches quietly on foot and Ky reaches out and grabs him. She holds a finger to her lips, “Sshhh...”

“What if I had him by the foot.... what if I was headed to the woods....” Raina points to the trees, and the target set up. “What if I had him by the foot and his head was going to bash into a tree unless you stopped me....”

Star looks stricken and angry, then raises her hand, the star held between its points.

“Dont think Star, dont think, just do it. What would you do... your son will die....”

All Raina hears is a soft woosh followed by a thunk. Stars reaction was lightning quick and the star had found its target, quivering in the neck of the outline on the wood.

The stunned silence is broken by a cheer from Ky who comes rushing forward, “You did it, you did hit the target...”

Tannr and Gareth go to the target to see just how accurate her aim was. Gareth gives a low whistle, “Damn, I hope she never gets mad at me.” Raina pulls Star aside and hugs her. “I didnt mean to hurt your feelings. But if someone comes after Ru or Mera, it will happen that fast and you dont have time to think, you have to react...”

Star nods and her eyes slowly start to return to their normal shade.

'The Drow wont think twice and they move as fast as you do.” Tannr hands Star the weapon he pulled from the target.

“Th...they arent all bad... I mean, they cant all be bad...”

“Yes they can and they are. The only good Drow is a dead one....” Tannr says, not noticing the frown on Stars face but Raina feels the compassion and the confusion and wonders what Star is thinking about....

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