Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Wings close to her body, Ike soars along the ridge. This was one of Tori's favorite spots, far enough from town to be a bit like the hills of home, and yet close enough to be near her family. Monty stands on the ridge overlooking the lake, speaking to the shifters that have come with them. Byte howls, catching her attention. She banks and the powerful surge of her feathered wings soon has her back  to the others.

The soundman and drummer of Lunar Eclipse are on cell phones. Two of Tori's kids fidget nearby. Byte clicks shut his phone and nods. The young girl cocks her head and is soon airborne, grey form soon lost in the darkness. Ike lands as the dove disappears. Monty puts an arm around her, shaking his head.

"There is no trace of Tori here. Byte says the last scent marker is weeks old. I want to check something out though. When my previous Master was alive, we used to come out here to get away. There is a section of caves not far from here where a family of gnomes used to live. If they are still there... Well it's a shot in the dark."

He strokes the short fur of her cheek. "Byte knows where I mean. They are going to do ground recon." He watches her face, knowing that she is only half with him, calling to her sister.

Without a word, Ike slips her arms around him and beats her wings, As they lift upwards, she finally speaks, words choked by unshed tears. "I can feel her... She is trying to answer, but can't focus. All I get is her frustration. She is... angry, yet it's like she could care less."

Monty concentrates, closing his eyes to better direct his thoughts into Ike. She jerks, nearly dropping him as power surges through her. Suddenly she can see the darkness in Tori's mind, touch the thickness surrounding her sister. Where are you? Tori! Wake up and tell me where you are! She feels the halfhearted slap at her mental scoldings. There is a mumbled stay outta m'nightmare... Ike can't keep contact and slips out of her sister's thoughts.

Monty eases his eyes open slowly. Ike's wingbeats are erratic, faltering, and she lands roughly, stumbling. Monty catches her before she falls, holding her close. He holds her until the rigidity is gone and the trembling starts.

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