Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Inari is busy helping Tychus try to organize some of his star charts. They seem to grow and multiply when her back is turned. As soon as she thinks they have a good start on it, Tychus remembers another spot where he has placed some more for 'safe keeping'.

A soft rap on the door and one of the students pokes his head in and asks if he can come in.

Tychus impatiently waves the boy in and goes back to moving some books to one side to get to some more of his beloved charts.

Clearing his throat nervously, the boy bows. “Ambassador... there is a messenger here to see you...”

“Oh.. from the Queen I imagine...” Inari turns and sets down the chart she was holding.

“I dont think so.. shall I let him in?”

Tychus interrupts, irritated at having to stop something he clearly enjoys doing. “Well send him in. What are you waiting for? An engraved invitation?”

The student backs out and the demifae flits in. Trist lands on a pile of books and bows to Inari, then to Tychus. “I bring a message from Star, mother of the Warrior, from the human realm to Ambassador Inari, of the fae realm..”

“Oh spit it out would you? Cant you see we are busy here?” Tychus continues to riffle through some papers.

Inari smiles at the demifae. “Please, your message? It must be important for the Lady Star to send you.”

“It is my Lady. She says you are needed at the Tavern right away. She says she isnt sure yet of what it is but that you need to come.” Trist looks up, “She has the sight you know...”

Inari nods. “I know. I will leave as soon as I make ready. Can you return to her or do you need to rest?”

Trist stands tall, “I can return, Milady..”

“Good. Then tell her I am on my way and should be there shortly after you.”

As Trist leaves, Inari turns to Tychus, “I am sorry Tychus, truly I had hoped we would have more time together..”

The old fae slowly makes his way around the piles of books and maps and pulls Inari into a warm embrace. “I understand. Duty has always been first with you. First to the Queen and now to the Warrior. Go. Save whatever needs saving and return if you can. I doubt I will have made much of a dent by then...”

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