Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Ghaunt's eyes fall on Tannr, his hand hovering restlessly above his axe. "You know little of me, Viking, if you imagine I am a threat to the Star, the Warrior, or your lady. I come here to bring a warning. Will you hear me?"

"I will," Raina says and she interposes herself between Tannr and the half-breed.

"The Star is in danger, and her child, and the one you call Tori. My mistress Ardara has designs on the gargoyle. She plots to steal her, and soon. She would be pleased to slay the Warrior and his mother, but for some reason the gargoyle is more important to her at the moment.

You understand, she does not confide in me; it is only that she no longer notices me." His voice is bitter. "I have become part of her surroundings, like a piece of furniture; she truly does not realize what or how much she says in my presence.

Ask what you will of me, I will answer; but be quick. My mistress will notice my absence if I am long gone from Underdark."

Star steps forward, her eyes whirling. "Tori is gone. I saw her leave the gallery with a street kid, but he wasn't really a street kid. There was something - wrong about him, I don't know what. He didn't feel like one of Tori's kids."

Ghaunt starts. "Then my warning may have come too late. You, Viking, where might she be at this hour?"

Tannr has sense enough to answer promptly. "If she's not at the Gallery, she'd be at the Tavern. Unless the kid really was legit - "

Stoney shakes his head decisively. "If she was at either place, I could sense her. Right now I'm getting nothing. Star, what time did you see her leave?"

"It was about nine-thirty, give or take fifteen minutes either way."

Stoney's face is hard, giving nothing away. "That's about the time I lost contact with her. I thought she just wanted privacy - "

The dark elf interrupts. "We must find her. If the boy is truly one of hers, no harm is done. If not - " His face is grim.

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