Monday, July 18, 2011

Walking along the dimly lit street to the park, Raina and Ky, flirt and pretend to be seducing the ghouls. As they leave the street behind and enter the park, Ky's ring lights up over a dozen times. She and Raina exchange a glance and Ky turns the flashing ring around, so the stone was in her palm and easily hidden from the ghouls eyes. Not that they would probably know what it was, but better to be on the safe side.

Raina could tell from the look on Ky's face that she was thinking the same thing she was. How many of these damn things are out here?

Raina looks down at her pendant, glowing softly in the faint light. The ghoul follows her eagerly... Expecting an easy meal no doubt. Gods, but they smell.... As she leads the ghoul deeper into the park she turns and looks back at Ky and smiles.

She looks like a naughty school girl....and I look like a hooker. Damn these stockings and shoes.....I hope this works and I can change into something more comfortable... Nick or Erik can kill this damn thing any time, hopefully before I puke all over him....

The ghoul grabs Raina by the back of her head, yanking her hair and pulling her closer. When he leans in to kiss her Raina starts to gag, the stench from the creatures mouth overpowering. Suddenly she sees Erik standing behind the ghoul and she smiles with relief.

“Need some help, Sis?”

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