Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Tavern is closed, all the lights out except the one here at my table and I'm waiting for the calls to come pouring in, when the front door opens.


"Hi, Jack."

"How'd you get in here? And what are you doing here in the first place?"

She smiles, all done up in Wyldfae haute couture - ankle-length suede boots, that suede loincloth/skirt thing they seem to favor, and a short suede top that falls to just below her breasts. She has a bag slung over her shoulder, probably bristling with weapons.

"Well, I got in with a key. I talked to Pandora when I found out you were going to be staying the night and I told her I'd bring you some munchies later. She gave me a key and her blessing. The new kid's cute, by the way.... Any more questions?"

"Just one. You have munchies?"

"Oh yeah." She sashays over to me, smiling. "You're doing a good thing here, Jack, freeing up our warriors to help in the search. You've earned some... munchies." The way she says the word, I don't think she really means "munchies".

"I'm not a warrior, Ky. This is something I can do without hurting myself or anyone else - and like you said, it frees up the warriors to do the hazardous stuff."

She sits on the table in front of me. "Not a warrior? You killed a kahligar. Do you know how few of my people can boast that?"

"Just luck."

There's a wicked grin on her face, a glint in her eyes. "Well, you're about to get lucky again, Mr. Stone." She hikes her skirt up around her waist, spreads her legs and tugs her thong to one side. "Come and get it...."

You don't have to tell me twice...!

I lower my mouth to her wetness - and yes, she's already wet - and lick. She moans throatily, leaning back to give me better access, and I ease a finger inside her, lapping at her juices, spreading them over her swollen clit. Her ass is jerking up and down, her hand on top of my head, pushing me tighter into her pussy. I hope Ob and Pandora's room is soundproof, because Ky decidedly isn't. I take her clit between my lips and suck and she bounces some more, her legs coming up around my neck, drawing me deeper still. "Ooooh, yes, Jack! Goddess, eat me! Eat that hot little pussy!" I add a second finger, stretching her tighter and nip at her clit gently. She jerks and moans and wails, bouncing steadily now... if I wasn't functionally immortal, I'd worry about her snapping my neck with those legs.

I wet a third finger with her juices - her wailing goes up a notch - and tease her asshole with it, just a little, just the smallest probe... "Damn, yes, Jack, do it!" - and I slide it inside her ass, continuing to lap and suck at her pussy while I finger-fuck her back and front.

She gives a Wyldfae war-cry - or maybe just a regular scream - and drenches my face, holding me in place till I've teased the last shivers out of her. It takes her a minute to recover; then she sits up and grins at the sight of my face. "Mmmmm... that was nice... I'll have to tell Raina about you." She scoots off the edge of the table and stands. "Come here and kiss me, Jack... touch me...."

She tastes herself on my mouth while I glide my hands over her soft skin, under her top, cupping her breasts, pinching and teasing her nipples.... The kiss is long and deep and nothing I'd ever have expected from Ky... then again, I'd never have expected any of this from Ky.

Her hands are at my belt; then she unsnaps and unzips my jeans, tugging them to my knees. "Sit down, Jack," she whispers. "I'm feeling hungry...."

Somehow I find the chair without falling over. and sit. Ky goes to her knees, gives me an amazing smile. "Just lie back and enjoy, big man...." She places hot little kisses all along my throbbing shaft, then glides her tongue slowly up the underside, flicking along my length. Her smile is wickedness incarnate when she reaches the head. "Deep breath...." she says. I do as she says, then lose it all as she plunges deep, taking my full length in her mouth, holding it there for a second, then swallowing me deep. The muscles in her throat pulse around my hardness as she swallows, over and over, her nails tracing lightly up my thighs, caressing my balls. The smile is in her eyes now as she sucks my cock and I groan deep in my throat, feeling her tongue and lips and throat working their magic... I can't say how long she works on me, gently and patiently - I can only say that she doesn't seem to be in any rush to finish... so I jerk and moan and thrust and groan and babble and she teases me until it feels like my head could explode. That's when she s-l-o-w-l-y licks her way up to the head again, gives me that smile again - "Ready?" - and slams her mouth back down, taking me to the hilt; but this time she's not going slow. Her mouth, so hot, taking me deep, again and again, sucking, swallowing, licking until I erupt with a scalding flood, filling her mouth - and she sucks and licks and swallows until I have no more to give.

She comes back to her feet with nary a wobble - does the woman have no bones? - and smiles before kissing me again - and it only breaks when I run out of air.

"Mmmmm," she says, grinning - "definitely gonna have to tell Raina about you!"

She rummages in the bag and brings out not one, but two Cuban sandwiches wrapped in butcher's paper. The scent makes me drool. "Where did you get these?"

She shrugs. "Miami."


"Hello! Elf? Shadow Paths?" She gives me another full-body kiss, and a card with her name and cell number. "If you want to go the whole route sometime, call me."

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