Monday, July 18, 2011

Ardara smiles grimly, watching her plan unfold to perfection. Tori had not seen through the glamour she placed on her servant and rushed away from the Tavern as planned. Ardara and one of her warriors move quickly and silently to the spot near the woods that the slave has been told to bring Tori to.

Ardara watches as Tori hurries to the alley that borders the woods. She turns and looks to who she thinks is one her street kids and her eyes go wide as the glamour slips away to reveal a young Drow. She turns to leave and feels a stinging in her neck. She tries to send to her sibs but her thoughts are instantly slowed and she crumples to the ground.

Stepping from the trees Ardara tosses the slave an apple, his reward for doing as he was told. Then she kneels and pulls the dart from Toris neck and hands it to her Warrior.

“Call the others. We must hurry. We need to have her in Underdark before she awakens.”

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