Wednesday, July 6, 2011

After a few minutes Ky and Gareth excuse themselves to go talk to Keon to see if there is any news. Star thanks them for their help and turns to Raina and Tannr.

“I'm going to get Ru and Mera. They want to see both of you ...”

Tannr grins, watching Star as she walks away. “I dont know if I'll ever get used to that, her just knowing things.”

“I know. It's unnerving sometimes. I just hope she can learn to defend herself if she needs to.... Inari had said something about helping her too. Maybe we should get a message to her. I wonder what she's up to...”

Tannr shrugs, “Hard to say. Her entire life is pretty secretive. I mean everyone knows she is fiercely loyal to Titania, but no one knows her official duties or titles, other than 'Ambassador'. And knowing Titania there has to be way more to it than that title implies...”

“I'm sure...” Raina sighs, then hooks her arm in her brothers. “Walk with me? We havent had much time to talk...”

They head back towards the cabin at a leisurely pace, enjoying each others company. Tannr grins when Raina asks how things are going with Tori.

“Good. Really, really good. I have so much respect for her, taking care of the streeters, coordinating and organizing all the information for the attacks. Her music, the way she loves all the little ones...She's amazing..”

“So... do you love her?” Raina already knew the answer, being able to feel everything Tannr was at the moment.

He nods, “Yes. I do, very much. And even better, she loves me... which I can hardly believe...”

“And why wouldnt she?” Raina asks with a grin.

“I dont think I am the best boyfriend material... kinda rough around the edges....”

Raina pulls a face and Tannr laughs as he gives her a shove. The two roughhouse until the cabin is in sight and they see Star, holding Ru and Mera peeking between the slats of the deck railing, her doll held close.

Raina laughs, “I bet Mera is waiting for one of your stories...”

“Thats fine, I dont mind. It will have to be short though. Her father is looking pretty serious....”

As if he heard his name, Keon waves the pair over and snaps shut his cell phone.

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