Monday, July 18, 2011

Pandora was not anticipating the pain she was trying so hard to ride out... everyone said second babies were easier. She felt her son reaching through her pain and knew that it was something to do with him that was different.

Ob still lingered near her as she drank the herbal tea Star had given did soften the edge a little; and she was much calmer and relaxed since her family was near. "Obsidian,my beloved... our baby's name... we haven't decided; I have been looking through warrior names, and there are a couple that stay with me... Sloan; a Gaelic Celtic version after my heritage... and Galtero; a Spanish name closer to your gypsy heritage. " Pandora looked up into his eyes... "Josephito, when you look upon him; will you choose the one your heart says is right?". Obsidian bent and kissed her gently on the lips, his hand caressing her belly, feeling the roiling movements of their son as he prepared for birth. Pandora stifled a moan as another wave of pain hit... and then subsided... returning to sip the tea as Ob held it gently to her lips.

Ob's mind was full; the patrols had stepped up efforts since their success in vanquishing a couple of ghouls... but the eclipse was upon them, and he dreaded it somehow... as if something untoward was happening; his child's birth just made him fearful for their safety... he would be sure Jeb had a couple of extras around the tavern... although he knew several would be lingering near just to know when his new offspring was born. Pandora had an adoring audience of patrons that worshiped her for establishing the tavern, and making it a home away from home for them all.

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