Monday, July 18, 2011

The IV had been removed the next day. The mark where the needle had pierced his skin is long gone. The scrapes from the ghoul's fingernails are nothing more than pale marks on his fair skin. The body heals quickly when it belongs to a were or shifter. The mind... that's a different story.

Ty watches as his roommate tosses on the couch in restless sleep. Ron's auburn hair is matted, sticking to his face and neck, even though the air conditioning is turned up. Growls and yips are punctuated by curses and muttered prayers. Ty looks at the clock, knowing he will soon have to wake Ron for his nightly trip to the Tavern. He makes a mental note to tell Rowan about the nightmares.

As the weretiger rinses out his glass, Ron bolts upright. The werefox stills, eyes wide and focused on something unseen. His nose twitches as Ron takes in the scents around him. Moments later he blinks. A few more slow blinks and his eyes are less wild, more aware. When he spies Ty at the sink, Ron relaxes back against the couch.

Ron runs a shaking hand through his tousled mop of hair. "Keon's got to let me back on patrol. I'ver got to do something... all I keep doing is reliving it every time I close my eyes. This time..." He looks at Ty, frustration causing small creases around the fox' lips and eyes. "This time she nearly had me."

Ron forces himself to his feet and stumbles to the bathroom. It isn't long before Ty hears the sound of the shower as there is a knock at the door.  The door opens and Marc and Toby spill into the room. Marc breathes deep and looks at Ty, eyes tight with worry.

"I smell fear. Is he okay?"

Ty nods, moving around to throw the pillows back on the couch. Toby goes to the bathroom door to pound on it and tell Ron to hurry it up. Ty murmurs to Marc, low enough that Ron's sensitive hearing wouldn't pick up what was being said.

"Remind me to tell Rowan about the night terrors. We all know he won't." Marc nods and the two young men touch knuckles.

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