Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Star opens the door to see Alise in the hallway, telling the children to be on their best behavior when welcoming their new cousin and brother.

“Aunt Pandora is very tired, so no rowdiness...”

Star smiles as Laila comes upstairs carrying Mera and Ru. “Let me take him. You shouldnt carry both of them, it gets heavy.”

“Look who is talking. You carry them both all the time.” Laila grins at Star as they enter the room.

The children are suddenly quiet as if aware of the miracle that has just taken place. Ob is setting close to the bed holding his son tenderly. He smiles and gestures with his head for the children to come closer. Pandora smiles, happy to see Alise and the kids especially Chloe. Chloe sits near her mother on the bed, then curls up next to her, a little unsure of how a new brother will affect her family. Tomas walks right up to Ob and peeks at the bundle in his lap. Suddenly Teri stretches out his arms, making Tomas jump and laugh. He takes one of the small hands in his, welcoming his new cousin.

Approaching Rowan, Star asks her to take Ru for a few minutes as she has something she needs to do.

Star steps out into the hallway and heads down the stairs, her thoughts a jumble. I need to tell someone what I saw, but who? I dont know where Ike is, I dont want to bother Ob right now and I might be wrong. Stoney should be here shortly, maybe Monty knows something....

As if called by her thoughts Stoney appears right in front of her, his intention to go see Ob and Pandora and the new baby. He startles Star who was lost in thought.

“Je desole, I didnt mean to scare you. Is something wrong? You look so serious.... is the baby all right? And Pandora?”

Swallowing hard Star nods. “They are are fine. Can we talk? And can you turn off....” Star wiggles her fingers on either side of her head making Stoney grin.

“Yes, I can block my family from hearing my thoughts. But what is it? Something with the ghouls?” Stoney sits on a step below Star and motions for her to sit also.

“I dd..dont think so... I am not sure. Its Tori.... She was coming here to see Ob and Pandora. One of her street kids stopped her out front, I was standing on the front step. She left with him...”

Stoney nods, still not understanding the seriousness in Stars expression. Tori would help one of 'her kids' with anything they needed. There was nothing unusual about that. He opens his mouth to say so but Star cuts him off.

“But I dont think that was really one of her street kids. It was someone trying to look like them, with magic... I think it was something else, not a street kid...”

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